In 2019, MyVelo Co. Lt, the largest electric bicycle manufacturer in South Korea, appeared on the European market.
From 2022, the headquarters and central warehouse of the European market moved to Budapest.

We consider it our commitment to popularize and widely distribute electric bicycles.

Spring - 2024

We are launching our season-opening campaign, with the most popular electric bicycle model of our customers and partners..

Our SCHIRI brand is widely popular. Favorite e-bike for teenagers, ladies and gentlemen.

This bike can be quickly adjusted to the person's height.

Our program offers a unique opportunity to companies that also support and prioritize electric cycling..
At the same time, it helps its employees and their family members get a quality electric bike


We will waive the margin between wholesale and retail for your business during our season's opening campaign.

Now you have the opportunity to buy our high-quality and most popular electric bicycle model SCHIRI at a discount.

We offer our SCHIRI electric bike at a wholesale price for your business during our season opening campaign.

The price includes VAT:

279.000 Ft

The retail value of our SCHIRI electric bicycle with VAT is 532,000 HUF

You are entitled to additional incentives if you trust our product and buy at least 10 SCHIRI electric bicycles.

This 15% discount is valid until August 31, 2024 on our other in-stock electric bike models. The discount applies to the current price shown on our website at the time of ordering.



King - Master display and control interface.

- 5-stage engine assistance
- Digital Km/h indicator
- Shows the charge of the battery
- A small icon indicates that the headlight is on
- We can also see the entire kilometer distance

It is equipped with LED lights and reflectors on the front and back.


You can also clearly see the massively designed luggage compartment surface in the picture. With traditional spring-loaded clamp. It was designed in such a way that we can safely place a side bag on it.

Elegantly designed support arm.

The angle adjustment can be changed and holds the bike together with the luggage. The surface in contact with the ground has a wide design for better stability


The extra power is provided by a 36V 250W motor embedded in the rear wheel, which has 5 stages. In addition, a 7-speed Shimano shifting system also serves our comfort.

The Samsung battery inside the frame has a power of 36V 10.5Ah. It's easy to remove, so you can charge the battery anywhere.
A special feature of the element is that it also has a USB charging port.

For safe deceleration, a Shimano V-type brake system has been installed at the front and rear.


It is an aluminum alloy frame structure. It can be simply and easily folded in a minute.

The picture shows the lock at the folding point with a safety release device.

The steering wheel release is also made up of a safe, high-quality lock.

The element is waterproof and can only be removed with a key. It does not protrude from the frame.

The pedal part can be moved out and bent with a simple movement, so it takes up less space, e.g. in the trunk of the car.

You can adjust the handlebar and seat to the right height in seconds by simply releasing a secure clip. You don't need a tool key or previous professional knowledge.

You can see in the bottom picture that it is universal as far as the height of the persons is concerned. The recommended height is 150 - 180 cm, but even those who are slightly taller can easily drive it.

That is why it is so popular with teenagers, ladies and gentlemen.