Part Name Brand Part Number Specification Material
Frame CEPV Infusion 20″ steel folding frame Steel
Fork CEPV Infusion 20″ steel Steel
Headset VP MH-501 H:34.8mm,25.4*34*30 Steel
Handlebar & Stem JKing FM-116K-22 One pc type steel H/bars and folding stem,  upswept handlebars (No sharp edges) W: 600mm(22.2).  Steel
Saddle JST JT-5437 PVC saddle (suitable for 20″ bike) (Size: 238*205).  PVC
Seat post JKing FM-505K-01 Steel, 28.6*350mm*1.6T with minimum insertion mark (85mm from the bottom of the seat post). Steel
Seat post clip Zoom AT-101+SQR-116 Alloy, φ31.8 Quick release type. Alloy
Stand HT HZJ-05IL 20“ steel kick stand, length: 217mm Steel
Carrier AA A06 20″ steel rear carrier, to  match with rack battery, Frame mounted with stays and suitable for 20″ bike.  Stamp the weight limit MAX 25kg and EN ISO 11243 on carrier Steel
Carrier bind tape TBD // 3 pcs of Elastic band, L: 650mm each. To be tighten on both sides of rear carrier. //
Bottom Bracket VP VP-5PLB // Steel
BB sets VP VP-B32 // Steel
Chain KMC Z33 Steel, 1/2″ x 3/32″ with 108 links. Steel
Pedal FD NW-306 9/16″ folding type for both sides.  Plastic/steel
Chainwheel Wheeltop SXBAB-MT(G5TDO/I) Steel single black chainring, 1/2*3/32*48T*170mm cotterless crank in black colour. Black double chainguard. Steel
Brakes Promax TX-117 Promax alloy front and rear V-brakes. With allen key type blocks not bar type blocks. Profile of brake blocks must match wheel rims and must be tightened and aligned exactly with the wheel rime. Front brake to be operated by right hand brake lever. Alloy
Brake cable Jagwire // Front: 600*850 Steel
Brake cable Jagwire // Rear: 1700*1950 Steel
Shifter Shimano ASLRS35R6CT Shimano Tourney Revoshift. 6 Speed Right Shifter
Cable length: 2400mm
R/Derailleur Shimano ARDTY21BSSMBS Shimano Tourney 6 speed, short cage. Steel/Plastic
Rim HT HLQC-02D Alloy 20*1.75*36H, with CNC. A/V.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Alloy
Motor AKM S118 F/D, 36V/250W, 20″, 25KM/H Alloy
Spoke WH // F: Steel, 13G*138, 36 per wheel (14mm Copper cap)
R: Steel, 13G*176, 36 per wheel (14mm Copper cap)
R: Steel, 13G*178, 36 per wheel (14mm Copper cap)
Tire CST C-1762 20″*1.75 ATB tyres, A/V (refer attached tyres pattern).                                                                                                                                                                               Rubber
Inner tube CST // 20″*1.75 butyl tube with schrader valve. A/V Rubber
Rim tape Fengcheng   20″*16 thickening version Rubber
Rear hub ZK 201SR Steel, 3/8*130W*190L*36H*14G Steel
Freewheel Shimano AMFTZ206428T (AMFTZ5006428) Shimano Tourney 6 speed freewheel. 14-28T Steel
Mudguard JHY // Steel 20″ front and rear. (52) Must have NO sharp edge. With stays (in black colour) to fit on rear drop out. Steel
Bell XD XD-02 Alloy Ping type bell (Top plate – silver). Must fit on the right hand side of h/bars during production. Alloy
Grip JST J-132 PVC left grips, L: 133mm.  PVC
Grip JST J-132 PVC right grips, L: 92mm.  PVC
Wheel reflector XPJ XPJ4401 BS/CPSC/13G, one per wheel MUST have BS6102 stamped on wheel reflectors. Plastic
F/reflector XPJ XPJ3301 White reflector as per BS standard with black handlebar bracket. Fitted to h/bars. Plastic
F/reflector bracket XPJ XPJ3-50A φ22.2 Plastic
R/reflector XPJ XPJ9901 Red reflector as per BS standard with black bracket fitted to rear carrier. Plastic
Part Name Brand Part Number Specification Material
Battery TH Rack-battery 24V7Ah //
Charger Chinese // 24V2A, DC-2.5, Europe Power plug Plastic
Controller LS LSW862(44-17M) 24V Alloy
Display KingMeter T319 24V, LED 0-3 level, with 6km/h walk assist Plastic
Brake lever Wuxing 47PDD Alloy brake levers with power off. Levers MUST V-brakes compatible. Alloy
PAS TS // 12points,L:650mm //
Part Name Brand Part Number Specification  
Manual   Infusion    
Carton     Infusion brown carton.  
Tools     #3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm Allen key,
Straight screwdriver, Cross screwdriver
#13, 15 spanner to be included to enable adjustment of the seat, handlebar and assembly of the bicycle and attachement of any accessories.